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Finally You Can...

Get Free Viral Reports Delivered To Your e-Doorstep Every Month And Profit Wildly From Them Starting Today...

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From: Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith

Dear Friend,

f you want to build your list, make passive profit, and let the power of Viral Marketing Combined with Killer-Content do all the work for you... Then you stumbled upon your new favorite website.

You see, we created a "Win-Win" situation where we create the content for you and all you do, with our easy to use members area, is brand these Niche content reports with your own affiliate ID and give them away at your website, blogs, optin forms, autoresponders or even your favorite forums, etc.

Then in no time at all, watch the profits come rushing to your Clickbank and PayDotCom accounts all on autopilot.

Why would we do this for you?

Well, it's simple and you will love the concept. You see, we both make money because we rotate your affiliate link with ours so we both share in the profits. (More on that later.)

But First...

...I have to tell you... one of the very best ways I've built up my lists has come from providing valuable Free Offers to new subscribers.  This is an incredibly effective technique and has generated countless hundreds of thousands of dollars for me. In fact, my most popular home study course, Butterfly Marketing, was based on this single concept.

Here's why it works...

When people are searching for information on the Internet they often arrive at your site looking to solve problems, fulfill needs and desires, and get accurate no fluff information.  After all, it's "The Information Superhighway" right?  (I think many of us marketers forget about that at times...)

But in most cases, what they are really looking for is "FREE Quality Information". If you can offer that, making a sale later on is the easiest part of marketing online.

The reason it is so effective is because it uses one of the most powerful "influencers" in the world called...

Commitment and Consistency...

However, most marketers do not realize the incredible potential of this powerful marketing method.

It is only serious marketers that understand and take advantage of it at every turn to exploit huge profits while also providing good, solid value to their customers!

Simply put, providing your subscribers with a valuable report (that solves their problems, or gives them high quality information) -- can make you a ton of money!

I know... Because it has for me...

You see, all you have to do to be like these expert "marketing ninjas" is log in and...

...Pop Your Affiliate Links Inside Those Money Making Content Rich Reports and Presto.

33 Seconds later, you're set to make Commissions for life...

It's as easy as that... Here's why...

A) Content is king!

B) You get access to this content at no cost!

C) You can then brand your own affiliate links right into these reports with the click of a button!

D) You can even add your Own Reports where thousands of marketers could be marketing your reports with your links in them (see below...)

E)  And all you have to do is join for FREE today!

So Act Now... You Can Get Instant Access For Free By Clicking Here!

Here's how it works...

Once you create your account, you'll Instantly get Quality Content Niche Reports written by our staff of dedicated writers as well as additional quality reports contributed by other members in the community.

Now here's where it gets so darn exciting.

This is the Secret Sauce of Butterfly Reports So Make Sure to Read This Part Word for Word.

You see inside these valuable reports are keywords tagged to your affiliate links.  You simply sign up for those free affiliate programs. If you have a Clickbank and PayDotCom account already, you are already set. (If not, you can get an account there for free.)

THEN, you come back and enter your Affiliate ID or Username right into the simple form wizard and click a button and BAM! The report is instantly branded with a percentage of the links having YOUR AFFILIATE ID built in!

Cool right?

By now you are beginning to see the sheer awesome money making power of this.

Here's what you get:

Each And Every Single Month You Get Access To High Quality Content "Brandable" Reports That Also Include Cover Graphics!

That's right... Graphics too. You see, we will also provide you with some killer cover graphics for these reports as well to further increase the presentation power of these niche reports!

Again, all of this is FREE because we rotate the affiliate links with you for a win-win profit venture. We are partners! We, you, and other members create the content, you create the distribution... and we BOTH profit!

These reports will allow you to Build A Massive List by giving these reports away free, or even selling them for profit!  It's up to you, but I recommend giving them away to as many people as you can. That is where the real passive backend profits will be made for years and years to come!

Now, because this will get these reports in the hands of people who are interested in the niche topic,  those prospects will devour the reports, while reading every sentence and clicking on affiliate links. You have a chance to earn the commissions if they purchase products or services mentioned in the reports.

Remember, people have to give you their name and email address to get these quality niche reports from you. So now, you are rapidly building a niche optin list, which opens up an entire new world of possibilities for you to profit from!

Heck, you can even increase your income by sending this new optin list additional targeted offers and affiliate opportunities.  I'm telling you... This is how it works online. And with Butterfly Reports, getting in the game has never been easier.

Honestly, you'd be be flat out nuts to pass us up on this free service. And if you do, I will personally check you into the psyche ward (Just Kidding.)

So now, let me also explain more about how...

Our Publishing System Also Allows You The Option To Submit Your Own Viral Reports For World-Wide Syndication...

Just imagine, over time there could be literally thousands of marketers distributing your reports for you. Becoming an expert in your industry will be inevitable!

Here's the scoop...

Once you are inside the members area, you will gain instant access to our patent pending "in-house" publishing system. This system will provide you with the opportunity to publish your own reports for other to distribute!

This allows you to...

Drive A Constant Flow Of Traffic Back To Your Site...

You see, since you can also contribute reports to be distributed by the thousands of other members, you can further brand your name and drive traffic to your site because we allow you to put an "About Me Page / Sponsor Page" at the front of each report.

The other members will then have the ability to grab your reports and graphics and market them. And that's the formula that gets you the constant flow of traffic!

Perhaps they want to give them away to build their niche list.  Perhaps they want to add value to their membership sites.  Perhaps they want to use them as bonuses to their existing products.....

Any way you look at it, there are literally countless ways marketers will use your reports.

And remember... The reports you create will also allow you to showcase your own products. The other members will be able to personally brand your report with their affiliate ID linking back to your product. They will be eager to distribute these reports to earn affiliate commissions. The more reports they distribute, the more traffic you will get.

What a way to drive Free Traffic back to your site, huh?

Just imagine for a second (close your eyes) ...tons of marketers utilizing your reports to give away -- where inside your reports are links back to your sites, offers, affiliate programs, lists, etc....

By now I think you are starting to see the Full Power of our new unique service.

But, in case you do not yet...

Here's an example:

Let's say Bob submits his unique content niche report to our marketplace for you. And now, over 100 other marketers download Bob's report. Then they all start giving Bob's report away for free on their sites and blogs and where ever...

And let's assume inside Bob's report, Bob placed his own product review that links back to his site.  Bob now has 100's of marketers spreading his website all over the Internet and getting him traffic!

This scenario is exactly what is waiting for you inside the members area.

It Is What I Like To Call Viral Affiliate Marketing On Steroids. All While Building Your List and Making You Passive Profits!

PLUS - Not only can you submit your own reports, but so can other members.  You know what that means --- that means tons of "ready-made content" at your fingertips.

AND... as you already well know... CONTENT IS KING!

Now, since one of the largest obstacles to success online is finding killer content, you no longer have to worry about that.

This Is Why You Might Kick Yourself If You Miss Out!

As you know, nearly every single second, someone online searches for a valuable information, or is looking for valuable content to utilize.  And since content is what drives the Internet, people who provide quality content win out and reap all the profits. Period!

Serious online marketers understand this, and are always searching for new content to distribute.  BUT NOW, you have the golden chance to get CONTENT Free!

It's all a very simple process with very little effort needed at all...

We Do All The Work... Our Writers And Other Members Create All The Content. Our System Then Let's You Easily Brand The Reports... While You Make The Money...'s all here, waiting for you!

Free Brandable Reports With YOUR Affiliate Links Are Waiting For You Inside This Dynamic Program!



Yes Mike and Rod!

I Am Ready To Get Started And Realize I Can Without Paying A Single Red Cent, Take Advantage Of Your Generous Offer And Grab My FREE 'Brandable' Reports (And Graphics!) Instantly!



Marketing Guide Showcasing How YOU Can Best Utilize These Reports!

We have put together a comprehensive marketing guide to teach you how to market free reports to build a massive list and profit wildly from Free reports. And since we provide you with free reports, you can get started today!

Join Today For Free!


See You On The Inside...

To Your Success...

Mike Filsaime

Rod Beckwith

P.S. - Oh, by the way... Our PDF Reports get spidered and indexed by Google and Yahoo and now rank in search engine results which will help drive traffic for you as well.  Many online marketers do not realize this, but when you have a downloadable PDF on your site, that report ranks on the search results... So Get Started Today

P.P.S. - Our service is Free right now. We may one day charge for access. So get Grand Fathered in as a Free member for life and Get Started Today

P.P.P.S. - You have no risk... If you try out our service and make a Free Report with your affiliate link, and for any reason feel like those 2 minutes was a waste of your time, by all means, do not send out the reports and leave the profits to someone else. But we are just so confident that when you try our free system, you will be waiting every month for your next report that you will never leave Try Us Out And Get Started Today For Free


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